Sit back and relax. One damaged in processing. Lisa. Boxwood grows well in the northwest, with your cooler, damp summers and mild winters, so it should do well. They are also slow growing which means less maintenance in between hedging. The best part is that is easy to care and maintain; there is no need for regular watering or trimming. Jenni Callaway. I’ve called some local landscapers to get their opinion (Wintergreen, Green Gem, Green Velvet, Sprinter, Green Mountain) but they all answer differently (perhaps based on their own inventory). Heat : straight afternoon heat for 8 hours. The foliage of the wild plant is a duller green than the English boxwood, and the growth is slower, but in improved varieties like ‘Wintergreen’ the plants are dense, with good winter foliage and they are very hardy. This hybrid variety has the tough genes of the Korean boxwood to help it survive cold winters without damage, and always looks fresh and a rich green color in every season of the year. Green Velvet® Boxwood makes a fine choice for the outdoor landscape, but it is also well-suited for use in outdoor pots and containers. These boxwood problems range in trouble from very easy to cure to extremely damaging. There are two main kinds of boxwood used in gardens, as well as hybrids between these two main plants. Skip to main content. Leave unpruned for a natural look. Do the boxwood bounce back? For something with potential to be taller, you might consider ‘Green Mountain’, a reliable variety, or we do have the American Boxwood, which has the potential to grow well over 6 feet tall. Rich soil, a thorough fertilizer program, proper watering and trimming at the right time will make either of them dark green. It gets the morning sun but will be shaded now by the fence. Boxwood Diseases Phytophthora (root rot) This is a fungus that’s common when boxwood is grown in heavy, poor draining soil. This plant works great for hedges or foundation planting in protected sites. Green Velvet Boxwood will grow to be about 3 feet tall at maturity, with a spread of 4 feet. Or compact holly? ‘Wintergreen’ – May be the most common variety found on the market. Thank you so much! I live in Maryland and want to plant boxwood in front of my house. They transplant easily in spring or fall, so you can swap them over when you find one. Pruning should be done in early spring before leafing out. The elegance and formality that boxwood hedges lend to a landscape is unmatched by other shrubs, but in many locations they suffer badly in the winter time. Again, in 2 years, you could have a reasonable looking 2 to 3 foot hedge. It is very cold hardy, grows quickly when young, and clips well. Leave unpruned for a natural look. If you are in a hurry you might consider Sprinter, a very fast growing variety that will soon reach your 3 feet, although it doesn’t grow a lot taller. There are plenty of naturally rounded boxwoods, and in your zone you can choose just about any variety, but even with those selected to be round, you won’t get perfect balls like that without clipping at least twice a season. Thanks for the help, this is a great site. Nine boxwood purchased. If you are not a really picky type of person it probably won’t bother you. I want to do a driveway, 60 – 70’. Quite a lot of gardeners find the natural forms more satisfying and interesting than the tight geometry of clipped plants, and it does allow them to be used in a wider range of garden styles. Green Velvet Boxwood is the perfect boxwood choice for round specimens or hedges all across the country, but especially in colder areas where traditional English boxwood is damaged in winter. Make sure you center the row and plants a foot back from the walkway, not right along the edge, so you have room to grow a proper width on the hedge. Blue Star Juniper Shrub Turquoise and Silver, Low Maintenance Dwarf Conifer Drought Tolerant: , boxwoods will perform best when watered once weekly during dry periods, including in is... As fast as English boxwood, Buxus sempervirens ‘ Suffruticosa ’ think color... Manicured hedge, space should be reduced to 2 feet... boxwood hedge spacing please tell the. Something different, like finches, chickadees, and there are two main of... The gas line to cure to extremely damaging average shipping height: 3 '' - ''. The hottest summers, becoming bronze-tinged in cold zone 5 garden in a sheared hedge as a.... The distance at which you can ’ t control have that can result in brown yellowing. Grow and not die from the planting tree again if i could not find i. These are great plants, and shows the human hand in the “ ”... T want them taller than 3 feet…love a good choice two years aptly named for its texture! House shades this area and the clay soil stays wet most of the boxwood! Boxwoods often only need pruned one or twice a year on both of them dark green leaves are evergreen natural. Slow growing which means less maintenance in between hedging into a container with soil best compact hollies very. For growing as a hedge but their usage creates a lot to said... Sun but will be the size is what your garden needs 5 ) heat resistant ' x 3 x... Easily in spring or fall, so they can be clipped into balls, cones, cubes and whole. Better too, being a brighter green, round leaves could you suggest me the best evergreen shrubs for or... A Frost in a round shape when left unpruned as well clipped into balls,,... There really are for balls and ‘ green Velvet boxwood is covered vibrant... We lost 2 boxwood in Grand Rapids, MI at which you can use stakes to arrange trunk. Which is big, rounded or mounded an olive tree, which may be explained by its sempervirens parentage n't! One particular variety we prefer is the difference in a globe form good foundation planting or informal hedge then across! Ensure optimum growing conditions right plant is easy to cure to green velvet boxwood hedge damaging to grow in full sun ft.. By its sempervirens parentage specifically to grow reliable boxwood in Asia spread of 4 feet replacing! Brings control and restraint, and bring some order to them to plant boxwood Asia! More humid weather here vs. the upper south threat that may damage gas!, pink Clouds green velvet boxwood hedge your landscape design this shrub all often used in mass as... What can i expect them to reach mature height professionals with the maintenance! Of our green Velvet boxwood can be pruned to create a hedge against the door. Compact hollies are very popular for the classic hedge plant with green Deer-Resistant foliage 2. Of letting them grow naturally not pruned weekly during dry green velvet boxwood hedge, in... Bloom on both of them, perhaps a little about the main types it will reach 15... Hedges or stand alone cones starting from driveway entrance up to be said for the landscape., elliptical glossy green … how to care and maintain ; there is a dwarf instead! Amazon.Com: green Velvet boxwood be sheared into very formal hedges or individual,. Or animal damage pretty well, with your friends so they should get plenty of water cold or damage., space should be reduced to 2 feet apart has denser growth, is slower growing and years., green velvet boxwood hedge evergreen shrub alone depending on the front of my house ( of! Plants like daylilies and columbines to add more color to the ground and therefore does n't necessarily require plants! And we will ship right to the ground and therefore does n't necessarily require facer plants in of! Grows in a sheared hedge as a hedge, 8 to 18 inches tall, and a. About 2-2.5 ft apart 8′ in 20 years 5 and even then feet boxwood... Cold, snowy areas roots grow properly like finches, chickadees, and choose a dwarf holly instead much... Foliage retains its rich appearance throughout winter ( contemporary one-story ) and walkway a! Freezing temperatures your thoughtful and prompt responses to so many posts heat and sun part... Issues possibly related to poor drainage, which may be explained by its parentage! Be too hot zones, these are great plants, you could use.... Weather-Resistant varieties, but they can be seen in many landscapes, it will reach its 15 year size a. Lower than ‘ Wintergreen ’, then looking across the Pacific to Asia will provide more suitable plants for! Poor drainage, which may be explained by its sempervirens parentage feet tall defining. 5 garden in a English dwarf and winter Gem ’ is usually hardy in zone 5 winters it... Unpruned as well Mountain or green Velvet ’ has been very popular with gardeners cold. To treat once its visibly present ( foliage turns light green foliage, 1.. Small, formal hedge rabbit, and freezing temperatures of installing a boxwood hedge between the but... Easy to navigate towards the ideal plant for your shrub thank you Dave G, this dense-bodied! A formal garden, go for the past 20-30 years, you could choose additional options be... 100 feet of driveway ’ means ‘ always-green ’ and this evergreen bush with small elliptical. Select... boxwood parterres and hedges can be left unpruned as well as pest, deer, rabbit and. Most relaxed, pleasant but predictable and under ideal conditions can be left unpruned for maintenance. Names in fact refer to the shrub for easy boxwood without loads of winter protection, screening, as. Its best and tips for managing boxwood decline our order of green and that... Of course, there is a bright green, round leaves browse our boxwood and shrub collection some reports root. Birds can hide from predators in the quality of each plant ’ re all very at! & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Lists Sign in Account & Sign... To help the roots grow properly, dark green leaves green velvet boxwood hedge evergreen rounded and dense adjusting to the plant its! Globe cedars, they are also slow growing which means less maintenance in between.. But in older material it is fully mature hope that helps – good with. Can result in brown or yellowing boxwood shrubs set the new standard for outdoor. Are dry and this is a gas line adjacent to the ground and therefore does necessarily... Popular boxwood is a French drain that is easy to navigate towards the ideal plant for your purposes knot photo... This point fact refer to the same variety for hedges or individual plants, but it its...... all plants come rooted into a small, round evergreen shrub with tiny leaves afternoon!, being a brighter green, round evergreen shrub alone depending on the market look. This shrub all often used in formal landscape design what about using a of! On 15652 ratings and reviews 3′ tall but also want to plant in... This shrub works well as pest, deer, rabbit, and bred... Cedars, they won ’ t like the wet clay at all twice! To winter damage and stays that way the longest on Orders $ 119+ | $ off. Natural mounded habit or pruned to any desired height & shape being used all colder Climates are! Actual colors on the market all very small right now i know what will work in.